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Northcliff Fires

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Updating to all of our friends and family. We have not been affected by the fire, thanks to the fire people who fought very hard and long to ensure the safety of Northcliff, Pemberton and Walpole. While the fire is not fully out it is under control at this point of time.

Congratulation to Northcliff again you have survived another potential disaster you have truly earned the name of the town that refuses to disappear.

What a better way to support the Southwest region after the fires than to come and take a break with us.

Soon the regeneration of the burnt land will happen. First the native grasses will grow then young trees that rely on the heat and smoke from the fire to geminate will soon sprout. This is fascinating to watch how nature uses fire to renew herself.

In the mean time there is still lots to do in Pemberton. Swimming at the Big Brook Dam, which was featured as one of Western Australia’s best beaches in 2014.
Bring a kayak and explore the Donnelly or Warren rivers.
Pemberton has a world class Mountain Bike track.

For those not so adventurous come and visit our many vineyards that offer fine wines and scrumptious food and coffee.

Here at the farm it is business as usual we have some new additions we have 2 new lambs who are in out petting corner.

Our bunnies have just had babies and they are scurrying around with their mother in our petting corner.

We will soon have another new addition to our animals in March. Jewels our mini horse is due to have her foal on the 8th of March.

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